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Are you pregnant and considering adoption For Your Baby?

If you are an expectant mother coping with an unplanned pregnancy or untimely birth of a child, you are not alone. Let Us Help.

You Have Options in Adoption.

Our Promise to You:

You Deserve information, Not Judgment

If you are facing a pregnancy decision, you need information without judgment. At Friends in Adoption (FIA), YOU will be treated with kindness and respect. We will support you while you learn about adoption and consider all your options.

Your Life. Your Baby. You Are in Control.

From the very beginning, you are in control. You choose how to talk with us — whether it's via email, phone calls, or texting that's up to you. We are glad to be in touch with you via the format you choose. Our goal is to provide you information without any pressure, so you can make an informed decision.

You Can Choose The Right Family For Your Baby

By reading and selecting approved adoptive family profiles, expectant parents are able to review potential adoptive parents who are ready, willing and able to adopt a child. By selecting a family, the pregnant woman/couple is in control of who will adopt the baby.

a list of people looking to adopt a child
We have a diverse list of potential adoptive parents. They are all legally approved, ready and eager to adopt a baby!


Choosing the Best Adoption Agency

There are many adoption agencies out there, and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. The most important thing to consider is finding qualified professionals that you can trust, who will give you information without pressure and who will respect your individual needs. Friends in Adoption (FIA) is a non-profit, licensed adoption agency that employs experienced, caring adoption professionals.

What Birth Mothers Have to Say About Us:

The following quotes were taken from Thank You notes sent to our Case Managers:


"Dear Diana,

...thank you for staying in touch with me over the years, it means a lot to me!"

Emma, a birth mother


"Dear Patty,

...we feel such gratitude in our lives for Patty. She will forever be a special angel in our lives."

–Lisa & Partner, Birth parents


"Dear Kelsey,

...your support made this difficult situation and process so easy for me today! I am forever indebted."

Alyssa, a birth mother

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Q: “How do I give my baby up for adoption?”

A: Adoption is not giving up on a child. It’s a selfless act of love for the child. Keep on reading to learn more.

One of the questions that we often hear from individuals facing an unplanned pregnancy is “how do I put my baby up for adoption?” When an expectant mother is considering adoption for their child, it is much more than just how to “give baby up for adoption“. It means making an adoption plan for her child, and it means a lot of courage and incredible sacrifice on her part. By reading and selecting approved adoptive family profiles, expectant parents are able to review potential adoptive parents who are ready, willing and able to adopt a child. By selecting a family, the pregnant woman/couple is in control of who will adopt the baby. She is not “giving up her baby”, she is choosing a life she dreams for her baby.

FIA Services Available To Birth MotherS

Financial Assistance

Friends in Adoption will work with you, in accordance with state law, to cover some of your pregnancy expenses. Of course, any legal fees will be covered, as well.

Medical Assistance

Your health – physical and mental – is of the utmost importance to us, as is the baby’s health. You can choose a doctor that you know and trust, or we can help you find one. No matter what, Friends in Adoption will assist you in any way possible.

Housing & Transport Assistance
Every situation is different. Our team of social workers will take a look at your specific situation and figure out ways we might be able to assist you throughout the pregnancy.

Friends in Adoption’s kind and caring staff is here to support you at any time. We offer free, face-to-face, local counseling services for you and your family, both prior to and after the birth of your baby.


Not ready to TALK?

No problem! Feel free to order our Free Adoption Brochure and we will send you a PDF brochure via email. We are not pushy and we do not send out spam. We will wait to hear back from you on your time and terms.

Friends in Adoption Core Values Are:


Pregnant women/ expectant parents are empowered through the process. This means we provide information on all available options and support without pressure.

Open Adoption

Open adoption provides the opportunity for there to be an ongoing direct relationship between the adopted child and the birth family, according to the comfort level of all involved.



We value diversity and do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, marital status, age, religion, physical disability, income, sexual orientation, or gender identity/ expression.

Lifelong Support

Friends in Adoption provides post-adoption support and education for all members of the family of adoption: birth mothers and birth fathers, adoptive families, and adoptees.

"Is there a birth mother that I can speak with?"

Yes, we would be happy to put you in contact with another woman who made an adoption plan for her baby. While you wait, you may also read real birth mother stories in our website. Or watch this video about open adoption.

"Do I get to choose the adoptive parents?"

Yes, you may start by looking at the profiles of families looking to adopt a child. And if you let us know what kind of criteria you have in mind regarding the adoptive parents for your child, we can help you find just the right family.

" I would really like to talk or meet with the family I might choose. Can we set that up?"

Sure! We can set up an online conference call with the family of your choice; or perhaps meeting in person if you are comfortable doing so. A meeting can happen where you feel most comfortable. Often times your Case Manager can join you and help facilitate and then let you all take it from there.

"What happens at the hospital when I give birth?"

Something that we like to do when possible is to work on a “hospital plan.” You will be able to decide how you would like the hospital experience to be and to what level you might want the adoptive parents involved. It is completely up to you, and the plan can change at any time.

"I think counseling might help me decide what I want to do regarding this pregnancy. But it is so stressful. Can FIA Help Me?"

You have choices, and we want you to make the best informed choice for you. FIA highly recommends that you talk with a counselor. A good adoption counselor will help you process your feelings to be sure you are making the best decision for you. The counselor can help you “try on” different scenarios and also prepare you for what it might be like at the hospital, and how you will feel after the placement. Counseling is available to you at any time throughout your child’s life.

"I am finding myself in need of some financial assistance. Are there things that FIA might be able to assist me with?"

Yes! FIA follows all applicable state laws, and there may be some legally allowable pregnancy expenses that FIA may be able to help you with. Of course, any counseling and legal fees will be covered, as well. We can take a look at your specific situation and figure out ways we might be able to assist you financially.

The Benefits of Open Adoption

"I Don't Know Anything About Open Adoption. Can you Tell Me?"

Open adoption enables communication between expectant/birth parents and adoptive birth parents before and/or after placement of a child with the adoptive family. Open adoption may include sharing information, letters, emails, calls, texts, and or face-to face visits. It is important to choose a level of openness in adoption that feels right for everyone — keeping the interests of the child as central. Open adoption is based on relationships, and like all relationships, the people involved grow, change, and evolve over time. Open adoption is known to be very beneficial for children who are adopted. They are not confused by the various important people in their lives, and no child can have too much love.

“What if I’m Pregnant But Want a Closed Adoption? Can I Still Work with FIA?”

Yes, you can still choose to work with Friends in Adoption (FIA). Although FIA highly recommends an Open Adoption we will respect your wishes should you choose a closed adoption, and we will continue to offer you access to all of our free adoption services regardless if you want an open adoption, a closed adoption, or a semi-open adoption.

About FIA

“FIA” stands for “Friends in Adoption“. We are a licensed, non-profit, compassionate, and experienced adoption agency. Friends in Adoption (FIA) has been assisting Birth Families, Adoptive Families, and Adoptees (the Children) since 1982.


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COVID19 UPDATE: YES, WE ARE HERE and we are available even during this pandemic.

Working Remotely is one of Friends in Adoption’s biggest strengths. We work with a large network of adoption professionals located all over the U.S.A., so we are able to help you regardless of where you live in the United States. Our physical offices are located throughout New York and Vermont.

Our mission is to keep the central focus on the needs of each child and to provide compassionate adoption services for the unique individuals involved in the adoption process. Friends in Adoption is committed to empowering individuals and families to make informed decisions.

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